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Using OBS on Mac OS X El Capitan (Soundflower and PTHVolume)

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Follow us! Say i want to play some audio in iTunes, but record it in Quicktime while listening to it out of the built-in speakers. Here is how i would set it up:. Beta version of a signed, channel version of Soundflower. After downloading, control-click on Soundflower. Download the Soundflower.

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Assuming it is automatically unzipped in side your Downloads folder, Open a terminal and type:. Skip to content. Dismiss Be notified of new releases Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. Sign up. Releases Tags.

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Latest release. Signed Version for macOS Mojave Here's an example: Say i want to play some audio in iTunes, but record it in Quicktime while listening to it out of the built-in speakers. Assets 3. Originally Posted by Futur8me. Last edited by cyrano; at PM. We are talking firewire audio here and serr specifically mentioned apogee firewire, which do not have drivers for the newer macOS, it stopped with el capitan if i remember correctly.. With significant improvements to USB audio and the introduction of Thunderbolt, the performance and stability offered with FireWire audio interfaces has been surpassed.

While these products may work normally for some users, Apogee will not be able to provide technical support, troubleshooting or bug fixes for any software related issues you experience on OS X In addition, we will continue to provide repair services for the hardware components as long as parts continue to be available. I know, man.

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And so do you.. But others might be confused about "dropping firewire support". Hec, even Serr was confused. So, being anal as I usually am, I felt the need to correct.

Maybe Thesycon could release a FW driver for the Apogee? But then, I have no idea about the complexity of this task and the potential market for it. How many Apogee's are there in the field? I believe this device also uses Apple's FW Audio class driver? Last edited by cyrano; at AM. Thats just semantics again.. We don't do things that way around here! If the theory is that Apple started depreciating their firewire driver already in The Rosetta works in I haven't really beat up on the system in Haven't had reason to.

There aren't any OSX features on the horizon that would come near justifying making a sideways move with hardware either. Can't even imagine what could. And in OSX I'm running an interface built into a logic board that has no word clock connection by proxy from a virtual device in aggregate with an external interface. There may still be a level of acceptable performance with the convenience of clocking over the data connection though and there seems to be with certain settings.


Either something changed with this or it was never supposed to work well the other way and for some reason 2 wrongs were making a right for me in the past. Maybe you worry too much about clocking? I would worry more about SoundFlower's codebase. IIRC, that hasn't been updated in years. And it wasn't reliable for me under Mavericks. There are a number of complaints about clicks and pops, but none related to clocking, as far as I can tell. And most of these complaints are about USB. Originally Posted by cyrano.

My personal rule for clocking: clock comes from the first input device. But that's for clocking over ADAT and when recording. I've never had playback problems. I never have had clock problems with Core audio, unless with aggregated devices and then usually with two wildly different devicses like one pro and one consumer device. I'd test without SoundFlower. BTW, what exactly do you need it for? There are several other audio routers out there, but none for pro audio.

They're al geared toward sending audio or video to AirPlay devices, or to record fi Skype conversations. The last one I've tested under Mavericks while it was in beta and it works well. All of these software audio routers are heading for trouble, unless they can work without a kernel extension.