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Depending on the project, specify how the scanned image data will be used. Scanning documents via the Platen Glass is completed. Select the command for scanning image data via the application such as 'Import'. The image is an example using Photoshop. Click 'Scan' to scan the image data.

NOTE: When necessary, use the scanner driver preview window to adjust the settings. When scanning is completed, the scanned image will be displayed in the application's viewing area. The image is an example using the Photoshop. I also reinstalled everything for my larger F scanner, but have not tested it yet. The CS3 problem is quite annoying There's some earlier Epson user reports that noted Pshop scanning worked after some troubleshooting but didn't mention if they were using a PPC or Intel-based Mac or what PShop version they were using CS2 and earlier isn't Universal, so it runs under Rosetta by default on Intel-based Macs.

The icon appears short and vanishes every time. For the following steps I used the HD service program. This took me several hours. Now I recovered the Macintosh HD image - again several hours to wait.

CanoScan LiDE20 Scanner Driver ScanGear CS Ver. for Mac OS 9

But after that, first "new" start and? Epson Scan finally works again! Kind regards, Dirk T. I have the following: Mac Pro 2 x Quad 2. Lo and behold that now allows me to see and use the scanner. Note - although other owners didn't mention that, there was an different Epson scanner model user that also noted using Rosetta mode made Epson Scan 2.

It works great on my dual G5 Mac Pro running Leopard Hope this helps others After my own futile and frustrating attempts to get the Epson to work successfully by going through all the usual troubleshooting and reinstalling I called them. The technician walked me through a few steps to delete some things from the library and application support. I believe the following files were what he walked me through in deleting which successfully got me back up and running: 1.

The scanner now launches properly from Photoshop and from the scanner app itself!!!! Hope this helps if you didn't already have it resolved Just for the record What Mac Model? PPC or Intel-mac? System is an iMac Core 2 Duo with Scanner plugged in to iMac USB directly. The "Can't load driver" issue. After much playing around I was able to get the CanoScan software working again. In reading through the postings it seems Canon and Apple are pointing fingers at each other. Bottom line is that the Canon software for the can be made to work. Your results may vary. I also checked the permissions on the driver itself which on my system seemed to be possibly be set incorrectly.

One of the permissions was set to "No Access" which I changed to "Read Only" you will have to authenticate to do this. I'd first try the plist mod making sure you lock the file. Restoring the edited plist file "fixes" it. Hope this helps someone It also works with Tiger. You'll find better results connecting the scanner through USB and not firewire.

I can use firewire with Epson Scan 2.

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Don't ask me why it just the way it is for now. The uninstaller does NOT rid the Mac of all traces. Use Spotlight to find the remainder. I have screwed with this entire scenario for many weeks and even dialogued with the Epson support who btw are not listening too effectively and this is the only way I can get that Epson software to run well with that scanner. If you would like to see an example I'll send you two files later if asked.

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I took a clip from each and created this composite web page size for posting: I'm not a graphics pro but remember the days before Photoshop added a "healing brush", a very useful tool for this. Still can be tedious, but a huge plus. As posted previously the key seems to be installing in the correct order i. If you then select "Save" from the toolbox then it seems to be working just fine. FYI: see earlier report from Jan. May not help but I'd try a direct connection also. Fortunately I still have my old iMac running Just a pain in the backside.

But thanks to all for the various suggestions. Left off until needed for use. Used the latest Epson software for it - Epson Scan app 2. Using the latest driver download, which is listed as 2. Epson Scan 2. It launches and immediately quits. I asked if he'd done a get info in the finder and selected to "open using Rosetta ".

A previous report here mentioned that Epson Scan 2. Other applications that are listed as "Application Universal " have a checkbox below to allow me to force them to run in Rosetta if I want to. So far the Epson stuff all appears to still be PPC only. Of course this one doesn't run for me - so who knows what's going on. Just more data for you. I'll let you know if Epson gets back to me with any useful information. Repeated reboots and moving of the USB cable from port to port have had no effect. I do not have Photoshop on this machine yet, but Image Capture does not recognize any "Image Capture Device" when launched.

I was able to produce clear scans, but the interface is iffy. Saving the image is a strange semi-automatic process that lacks any sort of traditional Mac interface consistency. So - it can be made to work, but it's not right yet. Thanks for the always helpful site. In Mac OS Sent email to Canon support. A previous report from Jan 9th from a Canoscan F owner different model below mentioned Canon support stated a specific software install order. I did not install any Epson driver software I hate using third-party drivers unless absolutely necessary as they invariably go out of date and in my experience often cause problems , and I just use Image Capture to perform the scanning.

The scanner is plugged directly into the computer via USB. I've had this scanner for a few years, I only use it intermittently it's usually unplugged , and I haven't stressed the capabilities or anything, but I had the opportunity to use it the other day and it worked fine. I didn't see it included in your scanner report, so I thought I'd send in this note. Thanks for a great resource! I did not know that this was a possibility so I tried it and it worked quite well.

I had been using VueScan V8. I noticed that VueScan had been updated to correct this problem so I went ahead and downloaded the new version and tried to replace the old version 8. The crop problem seems to have been corrected.

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I will have to play around with ImageCapture a little more to see what the results are Right now, ImageCapture does not seem to involve VueScan. I asked if he'd tried using Preview after seeing a note on that from another reader -Mike Hey, It works I made a selection of what to scan and it works fine. PowerMac Dual G5 2. I've tried to download the software from Canon's site but I get the following messages screenshots sent - here's the text of them-Mike from finder attempt to install "CanoScan Toolbox Inst Carbon E" Vise "Error creating file L5, Access denied error" another dialog box clip showed "!

You do not have enough access priviliges for this installation" I've tried everything suggested from checking priviledges to erasing hard drive and re installing. Still get the message above. Maybe what you say is the problem, software compatibility issue. Thinking about buying that virtualization software and installing XP on my Mac and there I can install the scanner software. And in the bargain get a better scanner usually.

But have you tried VueScan?

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  • The VueScan software did the trick! My scanner is fully functional. Really appreciate your help Mike. Take care! Jose L. MacBook Pro 2. I have the epson perfection scanner and the scanner does not show up in Photoshop CS3 or GraphicConverter 6. However the application Epson Scan 2. It just does not show up under import in Photopshop CS3 unless you select "open using Rosetta " under get info. Then it does shows up under import in photoshop. The Epson drivers have not been updated epson site still only shows Epson Scan 2.

    I just bought the Epson V Photo scanner and downloaded the new Epson scanner installer 3. Both Photoshop CS3 and Readiris Pro see the scanner and work perfectly with it not needing to open with rosetta. I asked if he could send the update download page link You can get it by going to epson. V driver download page. I leave the scanner off until needed. Basically, the Canon software was refusing to recognize the driver until I installed them in the proper order. The fix was to: Delete Canon scanner related software from Applications.

    Empty the Trash. Download the new Driver and Toolbox software from the Canon website. The driver is F Scanner Driver Ver. Open the Toolbox, click the "Save" icon. Hope this helps some frustrated souls out there.

    I'm now using Epson Scan Utility v3. It's powered on all the time and connected via a powered 4-port USB 2. It's produced some nice results; the color restoration feature works way better than I thought possible. My only two gripes are: 1 that the software can't tell where one photo ends and the next begins on my negatives from the 's 2 the slide attachment doesn't support APS Advantix negatives.

    I have about 25 rolls of this type of film and would really prefer to scan the negatives instead of the prints. I'm wondering if I can make some sort of cardboard holder that will do the trick. There are later updates available that also work. Copy utility that comes with the scanner works. Does not bring the printer settings, so it is rudimentary. But third-party drivers might still be available for older devices that do require a driver.

    imageCLASS MF8580Cdw

    If the appropriate driver is available from Apple, your Mac will install it automatically. This list is no longer updated. Many vendors of printers and scanners have adopted driverless technologies such as AirPrint, and they are no longer providing drivers for new devices. If your printer was made in the last several years, it probably doesn't require a driver.

    This list is provided for reference purposes and is no longer being updated.