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Besides the rain radar you can also find other radars and maps: - Drizzle - Snow - Suns - Storm - Satellite images of Holland And more.. Besides thunderstorms, sun, wind and temperature data, we also offer wind chill, sun intensity, and humidity data, with the exact times of sunrise and sunset for your location. You can easily find the snow depth per skiing and snowboarding location by entering one of the available locations into the search bar. We are continuously improving the Buienradar app. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or if you have a question, you can always send us a message by using the feedback form in the app or by sending us an e-mail via appsupport buienradar.


Thank you for using our Buienradar app! In this release we fix an issue some of our users were having with our Apple Watch application. Do you have a suggestion, idea or question? Send us a message through the feedback form in our app. We are always curious! Beste Pecoz, waarschijnlijk is er iets mis gegaan tijdens de installatie. Als je de app helemaal verwijdert en opnieuw installeert, verwacht ik dat het weer zal werken! Gebruik hem elke dag.

Zoek het beste moment uit om de hond uit te laten. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the specifics of the Roku box and I don't own one to test the device is not for sale in The Netherlands :unsure:. I've just done an update on the UZG service in the hopes that it is more stable on Plex clients and works at all on the Roku.

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The update was done in Services. I tried the Roky app, which noted an update 2. Same problem as before, list of programs is available but when choosing "play" on a program it buffers briefly, returns to the listing, again buffers briefly then returns to the programs list with the error "Video not available". I have built a Ubuntu After watching the program, when I returned to the program selection list, it still threw the error "Video not availabe", even though it did play the content. Een kleine, cookie gerelateerde update is zojuist uitgebracht waardoor video playback weer werkt.

Well, it still works like a charm on my mac running plex, but it now not only doesn't work on the roku, it actually completely crashes my Roku. I'm still wondering if there is a problem with roku blocking international streams on their box, even via plex. Castle Keeper, I would be absolutely ecstatic if you could get this working on the Plex again. I just saw on the Uitzending Gemist site that they are no longer going to require the accepting of cookies?

So that might make the UZ channel work better on Plex on Roku. I need to try and roll back to a prior version, however, because the current version is crashing my roku. Here's hoping. Unfortunately no, the Roku problem has nothing to do with cookies I did just order a Roku from Amazon. The estimated delivery date is April If I get the box I can finally check what the problem is with this channel on Roku. Ik heb zojuist een Roku gekocht, en kan niet wachten totdat UZG werkt! Dat klopt, daarom is het in elk geval voor mij geen hoge prioriteit geweest om Roku te ondersteunen voor UZG.

Ik heb getracht om UZG Roku compatible te maken, maar dat ging een heel stuk lastiger dan ik had verwacht. De iPad compatible streams werken totaal niet op de Roku. UZG werkt vanaf nu dan ook op de Roku, maar met beperkingen: Video's waarvoor geen compatible stream formaat beschikbaar is worden niet getoond op de Roku. Dit houdt in dat er niet gezocht kan worden in het UZG archief en dat er video's zullen missen in het "Afgelopen 7 dagen" gedeelte.

USB doesn't work on MS-Windows - unless you're only interested in charging the battery of the Nanonote - and chances are your uSD card contains only ext2 file systems. After that, Ext2FSB worked flawlessly, reading and writing the ext2 file system and unmounting it cleanly. I must note I've been pretty careful, shutting the Ben down entirely before inserting or removing the uSD card. You can probably mount and unmount it while in operation, but because booting the Ben is a matter of seconds I simply didn't want to take the risk.

In a previous episode I already reviewed "nupdf", which is a pretty decent PDF viewer - although not entirely bugfree. It is very well suited for reading office documents, which are usually fifteen pages or less. However, "nupdf" does not blank the screen automatically like " gmu " , so you might drain the battery a little bit quicker than usual. I must admit I haven't tried using "nupdf" for reading entire books, but I wonder whether it is well suited for that purpose. You'll either have to strain your eyes to read the small, grainy print or scroll from the left to the right all the time.

Whatever choice you make, I can assure you it is not going to be a comfortable read. Note this is hardly the fault of the developer, but rather a logical consequence of using a device with these limitations for this kind of task. Still, for a quick peek you can't go wrong, especially since you can keep " hnb " open in another console to make a quick note. If you keep your uSD card synchronized with your desktop, you're prepared to go to any meeting at any time. Never mind the print queues..

Sunday, August 29, My life with Ben, episode 2.

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I've had a serial terminal connected to my Linux box for as long as I can remember. My brother worked for a company that was phasing them out at the time, I told him I wanted one I was always a sucker for useless hardware so I got one for free. It sat on my dinner table for years and then I switched to Linux. Hooking it up was and is quite easy.

Once I was able to quickly make a backup, losing only a few trivial files. After a reboot the disk was gone forever. Unfortunately, my old Wyse 25 is slowly giving up. All of a sudden horizontal or vertical bars strike out all the characters on screen and only a sharp tap on the left side of the terminal helps - sometimes. I have been looking for a replacement, but even on eBay they're scarce. Wyse has stopped producing them altogether.

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The closest thing you can get are thin clients. Although they're not too expensive they're a hell to setup properly. In other words, a thin client: that's overkill. Then I got my Ben Nanonote.

The Ben features a serial port, but unfortunately you need to solder your way into that. That's a tall order from a guy who can't even properly glue the poor things feet back on without making the device an inseparable part of his body. I could use that one to connect it to my OpenSuSE machine.

Ok, it probably can be done, but I got two problems here. One, I don't know much about networking. Two, I'm paranoid where security is concerned. I saw sshd was running, so I tried to login. I never like fiddling around with my machine - especially when I barely know what I'm doing - but I gave it a try. Now I had to allow Ben to use ssh. I selected "Allowed services" and then "Secure Shell Server". Finally, it was time to wrap it all up and try again. I finalized the configuration and was presented with a screen, showing all my changes.

When I tried to login, it still didn't work, but at least I got through. Now, this was dangerous territory.. Don't ask me why.. I went to Gibson Research Center to test the outside defenses. All ports still on stealth. I know my ADSL modem has a firewall too, but you can never be too sure.. So, this is how my Ben Nanonote became a console. If my Wyse 25 finally goes to that big computer center in the sky, the only thing I have to do is to order another Ben Nanonote and hook it up. Sure, there are still a few things left to figure out.

Sometimes I have to go through the entire firewall dialog, because it seems to have "forgotten" all about the DMZ. The connection with the Ben is not set up automatically at startup and finally, a professional would have made a far more better job of setting up the entire configuration. But it works! And that's good.

I hate repairing filesystems. Saturday, August 28, My life with Ben, episode 1. I've been using and abusing my Ben Nanonote daily now for several weeks, simply to find out whether this little machine is just a little gadget or really a useful device. In the meanwhile, I found out several things: The feet will come off, so maybe you'd better fix that before it happens, because the changes are you'll never find them again. Using it without feet is not an option, because it will wobble. Which is very uncomfortable and irritating. When the screen fades to white, it hasn't given up.

Relax, hook it up and it will recharge. The battery is dead, not the screen. I will boot the Nanonote when I'm on the tramway and it will usually still have juice when I get home eight hours later, unless the screen has been heavily used - at least that is the impression I have. I haven't tested this under controlled circumstances yet. Unlike the iPad, it does have multitasking. Even when you're using a graphics application. However, if you try to use two heavy-load applications at the same time e.

Gmu , strange things may happen, including a spontaneous shutdown. So, you may ask, what am I using the Nanonote for all day? Well, first of all, Gmu makes it an excellent Ogg player. The Nanonote comfortably fits in ones pocket and has an excellent sound quality. The uSD card provides lots of space, so you can take all of your favorite songs along with you. Second, the " hnb " a sort of KJots is always just a few keystrokes away, so you'll never have to search for a piece of paper while on the phone.

You can even create a spreadsheet using " sc " or 4tH s own "Tiny Commandline Spreadsheet". I clearly stated "create", not "maintain". You simply don't have any overview.

I haven't worked with such small screens since the ZX Spectrum. And even in those days, I didn't feel a spreadsheet was a viable option on that machine. Don't understand me wrong: it's alright to set up a spreadsheet while "in the field", but at some point in time, you want to transfer that file to a full blown workstation and continue work there.

Fortunately, "sc" allows you to export a spreadsheet to a CSV-like format. KSP KSpread.

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The same applies to wordprocessing: you simply don't want to maintain a large document on the Nanonote. But what you want to do is to create a document while on the road.

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I'm a regular columnist of the Dutch " IT Infra " magazine, so I really want to use these lost moments to do some work. And there the trouble began: there is no wordprocessing package available for the Nanonote. Just a few editors. However, while looking for a " curses " based wordprocessor I stumbled upon " txt2tags ", a formatting program written in Python - which is supported by the Nanonote.

The big advantage of "txt2tags" is that you don't have to bother yourself with technicalities like setting margins or papersize, you just type and add formatting instructions like section, bold, bulleted list, link, image, etc. Very much like how my favorite LyX works.

Now the quest for a suitable editor began. Fortunately, a list of suitable editors was available, most of which were already available on the Nanonote. So I decided to use "joe". There were three things I wanted to archieve: Wordwrap and reformatting paragraphs; Highlighting of tags; Rendering of the document within the editor itself. Wordwrap and reformatting You can customize "joe" by creating a. Note you have to customize "joe" completely - you can't just single out the options you want to set. The nice thing about "joe" is that you can customize it for particular file types. My "txt2tags" files all have a.

Search for:. Skip to content Het voordeel van Ziggo is wel dat je de app kunt afsluiten, zonder dat je de stream op je Apple TV onderbreekt. Apple TV-apps: de 23 beste apps en games voor de Apple TV op een rijtje I call the helpdesk, they log in and wipe all those useless profiles that have been accumulated over time.

Rtl 7 darts live kijken op ipad I have to open the options, allow it and then it will finally show me what I want. The tramway is gone.