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Apple's Notes app, included as part of the upcoming OS X Apple on Monday issued a third developer beta of its upcoming OS X Apple on Thursday rolled out a trio of updates for its pro-level video editing suite, bumping versions of Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with feature additions and numerous bug fixes. The second pre-release beta of OS X Apple on Monday issued a second beta version of its upcoming OS X Following the release of OS X AppleInsider weeded through a forest of third party apps to find the fastest, cleanest and most reliable push Gmail clients for your desktop.

Introduced alongside iPhone 6s and iOS 9 last year, Apple's Live Photos feature plays well with devices running iOS, but viewing the special format images on Mac has been a less than ideal experience. But that will soon change. Apple news was perhaps mercifully quiet this week -- but the company did hit important milestones with Mac sales and Apple Music, while finally giving up the ghost for its long-suffering iAd division.

Microsoft on Wednesday updated Office for Mac, adding not just bugfixes but new features for all of the apps in the suite, such as Outlook and PowerPoint. User-facing features -- like the new Night Shift mode -- stole the spotlight during Monday's surprise preview of Apple's next iOS release, but web developers have a few things of their own to smile about in Safari 9.

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Apple on Wednesday issued a second pre-release beta of OS X Twitter updated its official Mac client on Wednesday, specifically aiming to bring the software up to par with its iOS app, both visually and in terms of features. Ten years after Apple's first attempt to bring iTunes and cloud content to the TV, the company has introduced a new tvOS platform to power the future of its Apple TV vision for the living room. Here's what to expect in as the company begins building on its new media platform. In , Apple dramatically enhanced its ability to make money, and at the same time incrementally dismantled the profit engines of its competitors, leaving them even weaker for their next match in But Apple has several weaknesses related to the core strength of its existing ecosystems that it needs to address over the coming year if it wants to retain and enhance its brand of excellence that drives sales of its premium, profitable hardware.

Following today's iOS 9. For years, Apple's detractors have predicted that the company's industry-leading profits from Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads would erode away as cheaper products from high volume competitors--and more innovative disruptors--emerged to knock it from its profitable perch, forcing the company to constantly invent new product categories just to stay alive.

OS X 10.12

But that hasn't happened. Instead, Apple keeps increasing its profitability while also expanding into new market segments. Apple on Friday released a minor update for the OS X version of iTunes, adding enhanced classical music listening options for the company's streaming Apple Music service that bring it in line with Music on iOS.

Apple on Tuesday released a completed OS X The new rumors suggest that the phone will get a slight change on the outside to make it look only slightly different from the iPhone 6 and 6s pictured above.

WWDC 2016: 9 OS X rumors everyone’s talking about

We have seen a slew of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S7 over the last month or so. We know that Samsung will be holding its Unpacked event on February This is the event where the Galaxy S7 is expected to be unveiled. If that unveiling holds true, the next question is when will shipments begin. Like Hulu and Netflix before it, Apple is looking into ordering its own original content for its iTunes customers, according to a new report.

According to newly surfaced sources, Apple has put out feelers in Hollywood for studios and producers who may be interested in producing such content. The original programming, say the sources, would be for a lower-priced video service the company will reportedly introduce this upcoming September. Wireless charging seems poised to become the next big feature trend among mobile devices, with several existing smartphones already supporting different standards. But it seems that Apple is now preparing to add the technology to the iPhones and iPads we'll be seeing down the road, as a report from Bloomberg says the company is developing a solution that will allow not only wireless, contactless charging, but from a distance as well.

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Apple has stopped referring to its Mac operating system as OS X, however. Hints at this name change have been around for a couple of months. Alongside its Earth Day announcements, Apple updated this FAQ webpage to explain to consumers how it cares about the environment and what it is doing to report carbon emissions, among other things. While that sounds boring at first blush, 9to5Mac noticed something rather interesting buried in the text: Apple used the term "MacOS". This isn't the first time Apple has dropped a hint that it plans to re-brand its desktop operating system to MacOS. An OS X And now, those rumours have come to pass.

The best Apple WWDC rumors: More powerful Siri, new name for OS X, Apple Music redesign – GeekWire

For the first time since it launched on iPhone, years ago, Siri is making its way to Mac. So it makes sense that Apple would want to bring its smart assistant to desktop machines. If course, it supports voice control, but when you click the icon, a dark Siri interface will appear in the top right corner of your screen.

It looks a lot like Siri on the iPhone and elsewhere, with colourful sound waves and all. As for commands and interactions, much of what Siri on Mac does is the same as what you can do on the iPhone or iPad.

1. Apple may introduce an AMOLED iPhone in 2017

But Apple has also added a bunch of Mac-specific features to it that you may find super useful. Perhaps one of the best ways to use Siri on Mac will be finding files. While you can search by file name if you remember it, you can also search for stuff based on when you last worked on it. For instance, you can ask Siri to find you any files that you opened or edited in the past week and it'll give you a list of any document, regardless of file type, that you opened or worked on during the previous 7 days. You will also be able to drag and drop Siri search results into any document or email that you might be working on at that time.

Or, you can pin results in Notification Centre. For instance, if you search for sports scores or stock prices, those can be pinned in Notification Centre, so that you can check on them any time without needing to keep on launching Siri and asking the same question over and over again. It also said you can search files by type, by date, or by keyword. As a bonus, you can also adjust System Preferences, which basically means you can tell Siri to change your desktop wallpaper, or adjust other settings you'd normally change by accessing the System Preferences app. Of course you can check messages, the weather, set reminders, start a FaceTime call, and ask any questions you can think of, just like you can on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch too.

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Apple's Craig Federighi joked on stage that Apple Pay on Mac would mean dragging your huge iMac in to a coffee shop to pay for stuff by tapping it on a contactless POS. Of course, that's not true. Instead - using continuity with the iPhone - customers will be able to use Apple Pay online on their Macs.

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  8. For sites and online stores that support Apple's payment service, anyone will be able to tap the "Pay with Apple Pay" button and have a notification pop up on their phone. By using the fingerprint sensor on the iOS device, you'll approve the transaction on the Mac. From a security standpoint, that means you will no longer have to share credit or debit card numbers with online merchants to make payments, and those numbers aren't store on your device or Apple's servers.

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    LaptopMag tried Apple Pay on the Mac and said shopping online is about to get dangerously easy because of it. Apple's been working with several retailers to let you pay for items using Apple Pay.