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It's when the iOS becomes outdated that you may begin to see performance issues. It should still work, but we can't guarantee peak performance with a device operating on an outdated iOS version.

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Setting up Breeze on Chromebooks. Seems like the printer is not compatible with Chromebooks. Is this correct? While you can use Breeze on a Chromebook.

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Unfortunately, printing name tags, cannot be performed due to Chromebooks inability to install the print driver needed to print name tags. Steve P thanks for responding. Is this something I can submit to the Featured Requests and hope this can be on the wish list for the future.

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I wish you could. Unfortunately, the limitation is with the Dymo printer driver software only being compatible with Windows and Mac. Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Forum! Although not confirmed, the assumption would be up to 10 devices can be connected to the printer at one time. This is due to documentation from Brother explaining bluetooth limitations up to 10 devices and the assumption would be the same for AirPrint. Awesome information. Is there a way to remove the nursery Dymo printer from my list or at least make the elementary printer be the default. Thank you.

You would be able to see all available print stations from any computers connected to the network.

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The only way to not see an available printer is for it to be on a different network! I hope this helps. Both [new] equipment vetted by Breeze. No notices, it just does not print nametags. It just. It's brand new and vetted by a network engineer. He setup an independent wifi network just for nametags 2 iPads and 2 printers. It's DHCP[not static]. I even used 2 separate wifi networks independent of our Comcast wifi system.

I'm beyond frustrated and do not know where to go from here. My children's dept is relying on me to get this up and running, but I am totally unable to reliably check people in with nametags. They will need much more than 2 stations. If so, could you please reach out to me before I pull my hair out? Which all led to this day where I am without remedy.

We're sorry that this isn't functioning as desired for you.

We would love to troubleshoot this further for you from the support side. Talk to you soon! Was Guy's problem resolved? I have the same problem of the printer simply stopping printing after checkins. This is our first day with this printer setup and it was a total failure. Please post the solution. We had the same frustrating problem. Spent 4 months on our network to find out it was not our wifi network. Erik Johnson helped tremendously. He got the engineering team to release a new Check-in App update about 7 days ago and it now works.

I've only tested it for one Sunday. Will let you know if it fails again in the next few weeks.

Installing the DYMO LabelWriter software to work with CHEQROOM

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Feel like things are getting lost in translation? Ensure the printer prints successfully from the software. With the printer connected, open Breeze in a browser. Create a new event and select the checkbox relating to printing name tags see Event Settings for more details.

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Open the check in page for the event and check a person in. Grant it permission you won't need to do this again. The printer should print the name tag automatically when you check the person in. We recommend using our printer connection tester to ensure that your printer is set up correctly. Test Printer Connection. The first time you use the Breeze Check In app you'll be prompted to enter your subdomain. After entering in your correct subdomain, you'll be prompted to enter in your login information. Disclaimer: This video does not have audio and is designed to help visualize the processes outlined above.

On the computer directly connected to the DYMO printer, navigate to the "Events" page and then click the gear icon next to "Add Event" at the top of the page and choose "Print Station" from the dropdown menu 1 On your mobile device, load the check in page for the event. Dymo Wireless Printer also has to use the print station. Was this article helpful? Sorry this article wasn't more helpful - we'd love to improve it! Can you let us know what it was missing?

Comment actions Permalink. Josh R. June 14, Micah M. June 19, Steve P July 08, Emily W. July 11, Halespamela July 20, Steve P July 21, Edited. July 30, Stephen Ivey August 13, Edited. John Hau August 21, Edited. This did not help. By the way, the Dymo uninstaller is a joke. I then installed v8. On a hunch or last gasp , I restarted the machine and suddenly everything worked.

The Dymo Label app worked. Seems to me that this company has terrible documentation which leads to a terrible experience. However the software, once installed, seems to work well enough. Apologies for the long post. Like 2.

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After todays release by apple the driver will no longer work. What's wrong with Dymo that they can't even get the numbering of their own SW right? In fact less fresh than my previous install which was numbered 8. See also the version numbers on the posts below this one. Oh, to top it all off, the SW now doesn't see my printer anymore. So impressed, Dymo Back to 8. Reinstalled 8. So what is going on here MU? What made you guys think that 8.

I have wasted a bunch of time and would appreciate an answer seeing you sent me down the rabbit hole. After waiting for it to complete for more than 5 minutes of no discernible action I was ready to pull the plug, but it did install eventually for me. I actually got a window that stated: "The Installation Failed.

The installer encountered an error. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Multiple users should be harassing them to update their drivers to 64 bit! When the next macOS comers out, they won't work. Like 1. I installed the from Apple Mac update version Very frustrating. It's a great tool for individual labels. I wouldn't be without it. But it always seems to have minor problems that are never fully resolved with new updates. After Apple doing an update to my Mac Demo LabelWritter would no longer print from my Mac I lost 5 hours of my day and life that I won't get back trying to fix something that was working before Apple stuffed it.

It works for their label printers.