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It makes me feel like me , just stronger and better. Ariella: "I thought it may be too dark for my skin, but it's surprisingly flattering! It's not your typical color, but it still makes your lips stand out in a natural way. I don't wear lipstick often, but I love how comfortable I feel in this one.

The Tried-and-True MAC Lipsticks That Black Women Bank On

Laura: "I love MAC lipsticks. This one doesn't dry out my lips like other ones can, and the shade is just dark enough to add a little something without being overwhelming. Ada: "This is the perfect lipstick for me. I'm not a fan of balmy lipsticks, and often mattes feel too try on my lips, so this semi-matte is a winner. This color pops more than the shades I typically wear, but it's definitely become my new favorite! Plus, since this lipstick is really long-lasting, it can survive my morning coffee and evening cocktail—this is a proven theory. Wait, there's more!

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By Bella Cacciatore. For reference, since this is pertinent, I am usually the darkest shade in most foundation lines. My undertones can be kind of wonky, but they lean towards neutral. I've tried on the below lip colors with and without lip liner.

This is a pretty milk-chocolate brown with hints of red. It looks great, but it's not quite deep enough for me, making the transition with my skin a bit too harsh when worn alone.

MAC Creme In Your Coffee Lipstick- Swatches, Photos & More

It therefore earns a little side-eye from me because it is among the darkest colors of the whole Lip Lingerie line. Still, it's a gorgeous lipstick and a very affordable option with great staying power. A liner makes it work like gangbusters. I love this color, even though it does not look taupe on me at all. On my skin, it looks more like a light warm brown and even a bit yellowish, which I honestly do not understand.

The 25 Best MAC Lipsticks for Women of Color | Afrobella

This is a super creamy lipstick so wear is not super long, but it is very comfortable. This color used to be my jam because Jackie Aina had recommended it years ago. I rebuke all the makeup blogs calling it a great nude for darker skin tones because just look. This lip color is unacceptable without liner, but it is good for those days when you want to try your hand at being an Instagram baddie.

I am almost done with my tube and will likely leave this one alone. This cool chocolate brown is definitely a foray on the grayer side of things. If you are not afraid of cooler tones or of looking just a bit dead — no big deal , this one is a great choice. Again, the contrast with my skin is harsh here so a liner is needed to make it blend better. I personally love the sassiness of this color.

Side note: not as matte as the name indicates. Could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you roll. This is one awesome gloss. I am a really, really big fan of this color. Just a heads up: the texture is on the thicker side and it takes a bit of effort to apply.

You need to reapply after a meal, also it leaves a pinkish stain after cleansing the lips. This is a dramatic shade, it has a pinkish dark red color. This lipstick will instantly get you a glamorous look. It has a creamy matte texture, and the staying power is hours. Also, it is super opaque. Some also find it very drying after few hours so carrying a lip balm around would be a wise decision. The best part about this shade is it will suit dark-to medium skin tone.

The Perfect Nude Lipsticks for Medium Brown Skin

MAC describes Rebel as vivid pinkish purple shade. It is creamy texture and glides smoothly. It lasts more than 5 hours. It will go very well with darker skin tones bringing out their natural radiance. Also, this lipstick will suit most Indian skin tones.

The names say it all, this is a brownish color and if your someone who is looking for a browny nude color, this could be your shade. This lipstick will suit dusky to medium skin tones. It is very pigmented and one swipe is enough. It stays for hours. But it is not transfer proof. It has a creamy soft texture. If you like browny shades this lipstick could be a good buy. My personal favorites are Ruby Woo and Brick O La which are beautiful and subtle shades that compliment my dusky skin! Comment below. I'm an introvert, curious, fun-loving girl whose passion lies in writing.

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