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This could also be because of his age subject 3 is 14 and may have not matured physically as fast as subject 5. A way their strength could be improved is by writing a fitness programme that is based on improving strength and then retest them after the programme. So from this test we have concluded that different people have different levels of fitness. This may be because people play different sports that require different levels of strength or do different activities that help build up personal strength.

This is a reasonable target and is achievable if he sticks to his fitness programme. The Cooper 12 Min Run is a fitness test used to determine cardio vascular Endurance. Cardio vascular endurance is vital for many public services especially the police and the Ministry of Defence. An example of Cardio vascular endurance used in the ministry of defence would be charging at an enemy e.

A good example of someone with a high cardio vascular endurance would be Garret Reynolds a professional BMX rider who needs a good level of cardio vascular endurance to keep going. First of all place markers at set intervals around the m track. The grid should be xm. To measure the m accurately you could use a tape measure, however the assistant in this case used a Apple iPhone application called Limekiln software Tape Measure The Participants have too run for 12 minutes. To measure the completed distance count how many cones you run around e.

Walking is allowed, though the participants must be encouraged to push themselves as hard as they can. This could involve a teacher e. Davies encouraging you. Subject 1 result was m Subject 2 results was m Subject 3 results was m. These results tell us about their cardio vascular endurance levels. Subject 1 had a very high level of cardio vascular endurance; this could be because he plays for a local football team and also plays for a rugby team.

This could be the reason for his high level of cardio vascular endurance. He could improve his cardio vascular endurance by running regularly round a track. A good way of measuring his improvement in this area of fitness could be timing himself and pushing himself for longer each time.

So from this fitness test we can conclude that different participants have different levels of cardio vascular endurance, My result has told me a lot about my cardio vascular endurance and to try and improve it I am going to write a fitness program that is based upon raising cardio vascular endurance. When I re take this test in weeks I aim to get m.

Illinois Agility Run. It is used to measure Agility. Agility is class notes the ability to change the direction of the body at speed without losing control. A similar agility test is used by the Metropolitan Police Service. To be in the Metropolitan Police service or another public service e.

An example of a Police Officer using agility would be if he was chasing a criminal through gardens. A good example of an athlete with good agility would be Wayne Rooney who needs to be able to change direction quickly while playing upfront for Manchester United. The Illinois Agility Run As shown on the right has length of 10 metres and the width the total distance between the start and the finish line is 5 metres long.

12 Minute Cooper Run Protocol

Each cone in the centre is spaced 3. So from these results you can tell that subject 2 is more agile than subject 1. Reasons for this could be that subject 2 plays for a football team and is a member at a local gym. Playing for a football team requires you to have a high level of agility because you are often in situations where you need to change direction safely and efficiently.

If you a tested a variety of players who play in different positions then the results would be very different because different positions on the field require more agility than others. So this test concludes your personal agility. It can tell you a lot about a person, e. Shane Williams who plays on the wing for Wales and the Ospreys has to be able to change direction quickly. Speed is a health related component of fitness not a skill related component of fitness. Speed is used in everyday life and it also plays a big role in many different sports. Many world famous athletes need speed to be able to adapt to their environment.

Definition - Distance travelled per unit time. Speed is the scalar quantity that is the magnitude of the velocity vector. It makes you fitter, increases the range of movement in your joints, makes you more comfortable at all speeds, and it will ultimately help you to run harder for longer.

What is speed? Speed is the quickness of movement of a limb, whether this is the legs of a runner or the arm of the shot putter. Speed is an integral part of every sport and can be expressed as any one of, or combination of, the following: maximum speed, elastic strength power peed endurance. How speed can be improved Speed can be improved by building up muscle in the lower and upper body area. There are a few parameters from your competition considered in the calculations of running.

With a GPS file from your competition as a basis, the results will be even more precise. The following parameters are included in the calculations:. Distance, uphill, downhill, steepness, height above sea level whether a competition takes place meters above sea level or on sea level is a significant factor.

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Of course, these calculations are still an approach to lab results. Still, a very accurate one, as has been shown. To date, inaccuracies exist when it comes to technical trails, ultramarathons and measurement errors of the watch e. By the way, the calculations and statistical evaluations are also part of the freemium version on running.

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COACH and freely available there. The data are used for the planning of individual trainings in the running. COACH training program. The VO2max value is a useful measure for the aerobic energy metabolism.

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Even though the value does not account for a good endurance performance, it lies at the base of it. Crucial factors are also the technique, the discipline and the mental component. The table below shows which activities in everyday life or which workouts need how much oxygen. The more intensive the activity, the higher the VO2max value. In order to achieve a certain pace when running over a longer period of time, a certain VO2 value is required. Which marathon finish time would you be able to achieve based on your personal VO2max value? Further, it is possible to observe your VO2max value over a longer period of time.

Thus, you can analyse your own performance curve and see if the training suits your goals. On the basis of the VO2max value you can make a prediction for your next competition for a particular distance. In the following table, though, altitude profiles are excluded. If you are interested in a prognosis for a particular run taking into account altitude, gradient and meters above sea level, please consult our running calculator. A higher VO2max value does not in itself mean that your performance is better than the performance of a person with a lower VO2max value.

Significant factors in this equation are also the technique, the type of sport and the mental constitution. Also competitive athletes, the VO2max value is an important parameter.

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In the following, we present you an overview information supplied without liability, based on internet research over the highest VO2max values among competitive athletes. Cross-country skiers generally tend to have higher VO2max values as they use their whole body for this type of sport. The less trained a body is, the easier it is to improve its VO2max value.

Some runners might not reach their V02 max before the leg muscles start working anaerobically they run out of oxygen which leads to the release of high amounts of lactic acid. If the lactic acid builds up it interferes with muscle contraction, causing fatigue and leads to a slower pace.

Understanding VO2 Max

You can also see a small drop after 2 weeks of not training. Building up your ability to run longer and faster in the aerobic zone will cause some improvement in performance. You can also do an estimate V02 max though a number of tests. Brian Mac has several tests to choose from on his website.

The Cooper Test

The anaerobic system functions primarily without oxygen. It can provide a powerful boost to your running but it can only provide short bursts of speed before energy stores are depleted and lactic acid builds up in the muscles. Lactate is a product of glycosis the conversion of carbohydrates into glycogen.

During exercise your body relies on the aerobic pathways to meet oxygen demand and when it can no longer keep up the anaerobic pathways make up the difference. After you go beyond your aerobic threshold the point where your body clears lactic acid out at a steady pace you hit the lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold AT where lactic acid starts to build up in your bloodstream.

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  6. If you take a group of runners with similar Vo2 max values the person with the higher AT will have the racing advantage. The energy to fuel both of these systems comes from fats and carbohydrates and a small amount of protein and phosphates. Our bodies can store limited amounts of carbohydrates in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. However it can also convert our fat stores into energy. Fat is very high in energy as it provides nearly twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates. However the oxidation or converting of fat to energy is slower.

    When the intensity of your running increases above this point the body will turn to carbohydrate stores. The point where carb stores are being burned is at the aerobic threshold. Your body needs primarily glycogen for faster paced running and the body only stores around 2 hours worth. The Fat Burning Zone The key for a marathoner is to train the body to burn fat longer by doing most of your training runs under the aerobic threshold. You may hear about Zone 2 training which is in the fat burning zone.