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To do this, open the Terminal and run the following command:.

How To Silence the Startup Chime on a Mac

Make a note of the value of this setting, which should be some hexadecimal value following a percent symbol. Now run the following command, to change the setting to The SystemAudioVolume setting will be output when you run this command, and you can use this to revert any manual changes you make to this setting.

After making any changes to the system audio volume settings in the Terminal, be sure to shut down your Mac and start it up cold in order to test the change, and do not simply reboot your system. Your Mac will likely preserve the current audio volume when only restarting, and this may change when you start up from scratch.

Disable Mac Startup Sound

Therefore while possible, you will very likely do more damage than good in an attempt to modify this aspect of your system. While it may seem pointless, the boot chime is a status indicator and not just a welcoming sound.

When it sounds, the system is telling you that all hardware components have checked out and the system is ready to load the system software. If there are hardware problems, then you will otherwise get beeps that indicate the error at hand. By completely disabling the system volume using the terminal commands above, you chance not hearing these sounds as well. I think I used a third-party app to do this several years ago. What surprised me was that after reading the blog, I updated Cocktail, and the next cold start up, I had the Start Up sound again!

Cocktail then obligingly reset the volume to the default value! There were no other sounds in their place — the machines simply booted up and worked as appropriate — at least as far as could be told, no big deal.

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However, the machines eventually did need to be replaced: one because it simply became too sluggish to deal with and the other due to the fact that its OS version was no longer being supported and it would not do the things that its replacement does. Till then, I will now silently cheer when I hear them. I checked that earlier today, but it shows that checkbox NOT used. Still, I think that may have been the app I used many years ago to disable it.

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To permanently mute the chime—or at least until such time that you wish to unmute it—navigate to Terminal. A quick way is to press the Command-Space keys, to open Spotlight , and type the word Terminal , select the Terminal app and press Enter. It's quicker to do it than it is to tell you how to do it! If, at a point in the future, you decide that it is best to have the start up chime afterall, open the Terminal application and enter the following command:.

The start up chime is actually there for a reason: to indicate that the Mac has performed initial diagnostics tests and there are no fundamental hardware or software problems. Having the start up chime is useful; press the Option key, immediately after the chime, to access available start-up volumes, for instance.

How to disable or reenable startup sound - Mac OS High Sierra 2017 / 2018

That said, there are sometimes circumstances where controlling the chime volume is preferable. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In.

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Business Computer Skills. Length: Short Languages: English. Computer Skills OS X. The Start Up Chime If you are unfamiliar with the Mac start up chime—perhaps your has been muted all along—click on the audio snippet, below, to listen: Chime Volume Explained Whilst it might seem that the volume of the chime is somewhat random, the reason for its volume is surprisingly simple and easy to control.

Note, if you move the control to the extreme left, the volume will be muted. Using Terminal With the method, from the command line, it is possible to completely disable the start up chime. To do this, simply follow the steps below. Is this article useful? Yes No.

How to Turn Off Mac Startup Sound?

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