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Our calendar offers the option to import specific events into your calendar app. Importing an iCal. Then follow the instructions for your calendar app:. Once added to your Mac, the event should also appear in the Calendar app on any other Mac device on which you have iCloud enabled iPhone, iPad, etc.

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How do I add events to my calendar? A few notes before we begin. Your calendar app must support the iCal format. We have attempted to provide guidance on some common calendar apps here, but the list is not exhaustive. Events added to one of your calendar apps e.

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Cross-device syncing depends on numerous factors, such as which calendar app you are using, whether you are using the same or different apps across devices, certain settings in those apps, and other factors which are beyond the scope of this article. If events from the website do not sync across your devices, you may need to add the events to each of your devices separately. Subscribe to the Whole Calendar Subscribing to the calendar means that all events on the website calendar will be added to your calendar application.

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If so, select Outlook from the list and click Open Link. Under the Outlook Calendar navigation bar, click the New down arrow, and click Add calendar. Click From internet , and in the Link to the calendar box, copy and paste the calendar subscription link address. In the Calendar name box, enter a name for the linked calendar.

How to add your Google Calendar in Outlook 365 / 12222 ?

Click Save. Copy and paste the calendar subscription link address, then click Subscribe. Enter a name for the calendar and choose a color to help you identify it on your calendar. Choose iCloud from the Location menu, then click OK. Navigate to the calendar page on the website and click Subscribe to this Calendar.

Adding an Internet Calendar as a subscription

You will be asked if you want to subscribe to the calendar. Click Subscribe. Google Calendar Open your web browser and navigate to Google calendar calendar. Next to Other calendars on the left, click the Down arrow. Select Add by URL. Copy and paste the calendar's subscription link address in the field provided.

Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under "Other calendars. Although you can have internet calendars show up in Outlook automatically by adding them to OWA Webmail , we suggest to follow the below method as the result will provide you more useful information on the added calendar than with the OWA method:.

Please note it may take a few minutes for Outlook to connect to the internet calendar step 3 above , for the calendar to show up in the Calendar View and to finalize the first synchronization. Follow the below steps to have an internet calendar show up in the Calendar App of your iOS device iPad or iPhone [3].

Viewing A Shared Calendar In Outlook App For Mac

Please Note: this guide has been tested on iOS 7. The newly added calendar will now be available in the Calendar App and its entries will show up with a specific colour to differentiate them from other calendar entries. Please Note: the view will always be combined all calendars merged into one : there is no way to split the calendars into separate ones. Once done, click OK.

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